The massage from Barry was the absolute best ever. I have had many massages in the past including at high end spas. None of the others even compare to Barry, He is truly amazing.

Kathryn W.
Type of Service:Massage

I came in for a consult with Julie about possible Botox. I really wasn’t thrilled with the idea. I thought it would be painful or that my face would look plastic afterwards. Julie pointed out a couple of areas where I could use help. It didn’t hurt at all and I am amazed at how it did not make me look plastic. I feel amazing and would definitely recommend this to anyone.

Sari M.
Type of Service:Injectables

I loved the iLipoXcell, it definitely helped me lose inches. I was very skeptical at first but it definitely worked for me.

Kristen E.
Type of Service:Weightloss

Self-assessment has to be one of the hardest things to do, the Life Coaching sessions were invaluable, I love Sheli and Angie. Everyone in the group came out of the program a better person. I feel so much stronger emotionally than I did before starting the program.

Cynthia M.
Type of Service:Life Coaching

Sheli’s and Angie’s life coaching sessions were unbelievably profound and to most of us life changing. To have the opportunity to work with life coaches as phenomenal as Sheli and Angie is a true gift.

Mae K.
Type of Service:Life Coaching

This program was such a blessing in my life. I originally wanted to be in the program so I could improve myself and improve my marriage. At that time I had no idea what lie ahead for me.

Chelsea C.
Type of Service:Transformation Program

The program helped to restore my self-confidence. I was able to actually lose weight which is something that I have struggled with for 20 years. I was able to work through some of my internal issues with the help of the group, Sheli and Angie. I feel better inside and out.

Tammy R.
Type of Service:Transformation Program

I wasn’t able to heal my marriage, but now I have the tools to cope and deal with these emotions as they arise…instead of stuffing my feelings down inside. I no longer eat to soothe myself or eat out of boredom

Angelica C.
Type of Service:Transformation Program

I actually enjoy exercise and eating well. I could not have accomplished this on my own. The PURE staff are purely amazing! The group of people I went through this transformation with are what helped to make this a success for me. I could not have taken this journey without everyone in the group. They all contributed to my success.

Type of Service:Transformation Program

This program has all the elements needed to provide a truly transformational experience for anyone looking to make a life change. Julie’s holistic approach, combining her services with nutrition, exercise and life coaching is brilliant!

Anne S.
Type of Service:Transformation Program

I loved it all. I felt so pampered. Something I truly needed.

Shari M.
Type of Service:Transformation Program

The services in this program was over the top in value. I lost 3 inches around my belly, felt like I was able to work through some stuff with the life coaching, lost age spots and broken capillaries, all in all, I really appreciate everything.

Debbie S.
Type of Service:Transformation Program

I had a big transformation on the inside. My mindset has changed around living a healthy life and that is huge for me.

Cara V.
Type of Service:Transformation Program

Hugely positive environment, great info and tools to perform a complete turnaround in behaviors and mindset that are hindering progress to your goals.

Ann F.
Type of Service:Transformation Program

Very thorough program and great overall balance with mind, body, attitude for a healthy balance with a healthy lifestyle.

Helen C.
Type of Service:Transformation Program

All practitioners were 100% experts

Susan J.
Type of Service:Transformation Program

The professionals at PURE care about you. Their holistic approach to wellness combines nutrition, exercise, life coaching and the latest in beauty treatments to truly offer a transformational experience. I would recommend this program to anyone ready to make a life change.

Type of Service:Transformation Program

The PURE Transformation Program has been life changing for me. Because of it, I’ve been able to see a reversal in the signs of aging in my skin which has given me more confidence. I‘ve been able to form good habits and learn to make better choices both with my fitness and my nutrition. Lastly, I have learned how to better handle the everyday stressors and put myself as a priority. So many things I gained from this program were intrinsic (and exactly what I needed) such as self-confidence, self-esteem, stress relief, and knowledge about the building a healthy lifestyle and learning good habits, among many other things.

Type of Service:Transformation Program

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